Dr. Muhammad Habib E Ajmi

I welcome the students at the Yashfeen College of Pharmacy (YCP). The college, as I foresee it, will be a college in a league of its own. With the vision of the board of directors, the novel approach of our faculty, and your zeal and enthusiasm, I see YCP embarking on an enlightened path of educating pharmacists. To fulfill this dream we promote high-quality education, training, and research in Pharmaceutical science, and produce competent pharmacists with entrepreneurship and innovative skills. At Yashfeen College of Pharmacy, the environment of study is much disciplined which motivates each student to work hard & develop self-confidence and a winning attitude. Moreover, We at YCP will endeavor to inculcate modern trends in education which would be a blend of the traditional system of learning; knowledge-based practical application, and thought-provoking.  YCP also focuses on personality development, confidence building, research exposure, and enhancement of communication skills.

“Impossible is just an opinion. If you change your opinion everything is possible.”

With best wishes