Ms. Sonober Ramzan

( BSN , MSN )

Nursing today plays its most significant role in all its history in the development of health and transformation of health services. Nursing, according to me, is a unique profession which has a blend of Cognitive, Psychomotor and affective domain. Nursing education empowers one to lift oneself from darkness to light. Although developing science and technology have been changing the nature of many professions and threatening them to disappear, “the need for care” which is the main purpose of nursing, has been increasing all over the world.

Yashfeen college of Nursing has responsibility to develop nurses’ leaders who will make a difference and contribute to the improvement of health outcomes for patients and families as well as generating knowledge that enhances nursing theory and practices. I invite you to join Yashfeen College of Nursing that assembles best student, faculty members and also researchers with the approach of enriching and empowering each other. The Institute offers 04-year Graduate Program in Generic B.Sc. Nursing.

I, as a Principal, look forward to seeing the institute in the limelight and to be recognized as one of the best Nursing Institutions. Last but not least, it is my humble prayer and fervent hope that Yashfeen College of Nursing will continue to climb the ladder of success in the years to come. We would be delighted to involve the students in education to foster their values.