Basic Medical Sciences (BMS) Lab is one of the integral parts of the state-of-the-art setup of Yashfeen College of Pharmacy, Lahore. BMS Lab is fully equipped with the latest versions of all instruments, and working facilities. BMS provides facilities for three important departments anatomy and histology, physiology, and pathology.

Anatomy laboratories in BMS are places where students learn human clinical anatomy through the dissected parts of human cadavers. Students can learn about anatomical structure very well which is important for further correspondence of certain diseases.

The histology laboratory is a key resource for the production of quality tissues so the student can learn an appropriate diagnosis.

Physiology is important to basic medical science laboratory because it provides valuable information about the correlation between disease and the functions and activities of living organisms. In basic Medical laboratory, students perform tests to determine the causes of certain diseases.

The pharmacology laboratory opens a window into the fundamental principles that govern the mechanism of disease and the action of therapeutic agents.

In this laboratory:

  1. General and specific safety instructions are displayed (supplemented regularly as appropriate)
  2. First-aid material available.
  3. Trained Staff for safe handling of equipment.
  4. Protective clothing available e.g eye protection, masks and gloves.
  5. Safety showers installed.


  • Haemometer set
  • Tissue organ bath
  • Kymograph
  • Triple beam balance
  • Digital balance
  • Microscope
  • Oven
  • Burner
  • Barometer
  • S.R stand
  • Spiro meter plastic body
  • Western Green Tubes
  • Glass Test Tubes
  • Test Tub stands
  • Neubar Chamber 0.0025mm2
  • RBC Pipette
  • WBC Pipette
  • Snellen’s Chart(Eye)
  • Meter rod
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Stethoscope
  • Sahli’s haemometer
  • Wet Spiro meter
  • Perimeter With Object
  • ECG machine
  • Glucometer