Dr. Sarwat Ali Raja

The pharmacy profession is to have a positive impact on the provision of public health services. Pharmacy according to my opinion is a noble profession as there are various facets to its mission, including Improving the medication use process to enhance continuity of care and fostering an environment that promotes the safe, efficacious, cost-effective, and rational use of medications. Moreover, Pharmacists Make sound decisions supported by evidence-based medicine through research on medication use, patient safety, and care. Today, the profession of Pharmacy has expanded immensely and there are a lot of opportunities in Clinical Research, Nanotechnology, Molecular Biology, Phytochemistry, and so on. The discipline has grown tremendously and recent advances in technology have created a lot of job opportunities in the field.

Yashfeen College of Pharmacy (YCP) blends pharmacy educational strengths and facilities within the institute. YCP remains committed to extending the scope of the profession and preparing tomorrow’s leaders to best serve the needs of the nation. We are committed to elevating the pharmacist to the heights of excellence so that they may pave the path of service to human care and health progress as an individual and as a society member.

I invite you to join YCP for a better future. As Yashfeen College of Pharmacy produces the best students under the supervision of qualified faculty and staff with the approach of providing excellent education, skills, and research capabilities.

I, as Principal, extend the warmest welcome to all the new entrants in our Pharm-D program and wish you success in all your endeavors for a bright future and career progression.