Medical laboratory technologists are the allied health professionals who play a crucial role in the diagnosis of diseases, prognosis and treatment. Medical laboratory technology is fast developing along with growing population and technological advancement. It is the most sought job titles in the global health care system. In a country like ours, the demand and supply of trained man power is not up to par. Medical laboratory technology is a broad area comprising of different disciplines like clinical pathology,hematology,biochemistry,Microbiology, immunology , parasitology, cytology, histopathology and Molecular biology.
Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (BS MLT) at Yashfeen College of Allied Health Sciences is a four-year degree program designed to train and provide upto date theoratical and practial knowledge by our most experienced & professional faculty, to provide skilled competent personnel in the field of medical lab technology. The degree course offered at Yashfeen college is also an attempt or remedy to fill the skill gap in our country. Yashfeen college has well established & equipped laboratories to train students to cope with the increasing demand of qualified and expert medical technologists in advanced medical laboratory techniques and prepare a team of medical laboratory technologists who can effectively assist health professionals in the delivery of quality health care services.

BS Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)

BS Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)  is a Five Years Degree Program Approved by HEC
Sr. Subjects Credit Hours
MLT 101 Biochemistry-I 4(3+1)
MLT 102 Human Physiology 4(3+1)
MLT 103 Human Anatomy 4(3+1)
MLT 104 Fundamentals of Clinical Lab 2(1+1)
MLT 105 Islamic Studies 2(2+0)
MLT 106 English-I 2(2+0)
MNGT-301 Life and Academic Skills 3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours 21
Sr. Subjects Credit Hours
MLT 201 Biochemistry-II 3(2+1)
MLT 202 General Pathology-I 3(2+1)
MLT 203 General Microbiology 3(2+1)
MLT 204 Pakistan Studies 2(2+0)
MLT 205 English-II 2(2+0)
MLT 206 Computer Skills 2(1+1)
POLS-302 Civilization, Society and State 3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours 18
Sr. No Subjects Credit Hours
MLT 301 General Pharmacology 3(3+0)
MLT 302 General Pathology-II 3(2+1)
MLT 303 Systemic Diagnostic Bacteriology 3(2+1)
MLT 304 Hematology-I 3(2+1)
MLT 305 Molecular Biology 3(2+1)
MLT 306 Biostatistics 2(2+0)
TSAQN-301 Arabic for Understanding Quran 3(3+0)
Sr. No Subjects Credit Hours
MLT 401 Hematology-II 3(2+1)
MLT 402 Chemical Pathology 3(2+1)
MLT 403 Clinical Immunology 3(3+0)
MLT 404 Medical Laboratory Instrumentation 2(1+1)
MLT 405 Biotechnology 3(2+1)
MLT 406 Clinical Lab Practice-I 3(0+3)
LAW-402 Constitution and Legal System of Pakistan 3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours 20
Sr. No Subjects Credit Hours
MLT 501 Histopathology & Histotechnology 4(3+1)
MLT 502 Serology 3(2+1)
MLT 503 Bioinformatics 3(2+1)
MLT 504 Clinical Pathology 3(2+1)
MLT 505 Clinical Lab Practice-II 3(0+3)
Total Credit Hours 16
Sr. No Subjects Credit Hours
MLT 601 Medical Parasitology (Theory) 3(2+1)
MLT 602 Medical Parasitology (Practical) 3(0+3)
MLT 603 Blood Banking and Transfusion 3(2+1)
MLT 604 Medical Mycology 3(2+1)
MLT 605 Medical Virology 3(2+1)
MLT 606 Clinical Lab Practice-III 3(0+3)
Total Credit Hours 18
Sr. No Subjects Credit Hours
MLT 701 Advanced Diagnostics and Biomedical Techniques 3(2+1)
MLT 702 Forensic Medicine 2(2+0)
MLT 703 Cytology and Cytogenetics 3(2+1)
MLT 704 Epidemiology 2(2+0)
MLT 705 Research Methodology 3(3+0)
MLT 706 Clinical Lab Practice-IV 3(0+3)
Total Credit Hours 16
Sr. No Subjects Credit Hours
MLT 801 Biosafety and Biosecurity: Principles and Practices 3(2+1)
MLT 802 Clinical Lab Management and Quality Control 3(2+1)
MLT 803 Clinical Endocrinology 2(2+0)
MLT 804 Research Project 6(6+0)
MLT 805 Elective Course 3(3+0)
Total Credit Hours 17


✓ To produce well-trained and qualified graduate medical technologists to meet the country’s demands for health laboratories at all levels, from primary to tertiary
✓ On completion of the BS degree students acquire basic skills in the branches of MLT which cater to entry level jobs.
✓ The course also provides inroads for students to undergo higher education, even PhD or Post Doc, including research in disciplines of medical laboratory medicine.
✓ To give graduates the skills and information required for accreditation by internationally renowned professional organizations
✓ It is the most sought job titles in the local & international health care system.

Career Prospects

Upon completion of the degree, graduates will be qualified to work as a medical technologist in

  • Government hospitals (BPS-17)
  • Diagnostic labs
  • Research labs
  • Forensic crime labs
  • Independent labs
  • Diagnostic instruments/reagents national and multinational industry
  • State regulatory agencies
  • Public health facilities


Mr. Aslam Hayat
Mr. Aslam HayatHead of Department Associate Professor


Hafiz Ghufran
Hafiz GhufranAssistant Professor

PhD (Scholar), Molecular Biology

Muhammad Atta Farid
Muhammad Atta FaridDemonstrator


Mian Muhammad Umer
Mian Muhammad UmerAssistant Professor



i. F.Sc. (Pre-Medical) with minimum 50% marks


ii.  A-Levels (Biology, Physics & Chemistry) Equivalent with minimum 50% marks,
equivalence from IBCC will be required

BS Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT)

Fee Schedule 2023-24

Description Amount in PKR Remarks
Prospectus Fee 1,000 One Time Only (non-refundable)
Application Submission Fee 1,000 One Time Only (non-refundable)
Admission Fee 15,000 One Time Only (non-refundable)
Security Refundable 10,000 One time only (Refundable)
Document Verification Fee 2,000 One Time Only (non-refundable)
IUB Registration Fee 7,500 One Time Only (non-refundable)
IUB Examination Fee 7,000 Per Semester
Library Fee 2,500 Per Semester
IT Fee 3,500 Per Semester
Lab Charges 3,500 Per Semester
Tuition Fee 40,000 Per Semester
Total Fee for First Semester 93,000

Actual as per the regulatory authority


  • Merit & need based scholarship is offered at the time of admission and are valid for first year only.
  • It is offered on the basis Good Academic Performance, Kinship, Teacher’s Child,  Hafiz-e-Quran, Orphan and Disabled Students.
Merit Based Scholarship Criteria
Marks Between 801 To 900 Rs.5,000
Marks Between 900 To 950 Rs.10,000
Marks Between 951 To 1000 Rs.15,000
Marks Between 1001 To 1050 Rs.20,000
Marks above 1051 Rs.25,000
Orphan / Disabled Rs.20,000
Hafiz Quran Rs.10,000
Teacher’s Child Rs.5,000
Kinship Rs.5,000


  • Refunds will be processed only on written applications and after the approval from the Principal / HOD.
  • All the Charges except admission fee are refundable before the commencement of classes.
  • 50% of tuition fee will be deducted within the 15 days of the commencement of classes.
  • No Refund after one month from the Commencement of classes.