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The library was established in August 2021 with the inception of the Yashfeen Education System.  It has the main library section and a reading area section. It is sufficient enough to accommodate 80 students and a significant no of books in the main library and 40 students in the reading area section. In the reading area students have been provided with 20 computers. The library has access to the internet and access to journals database & e-books “available.

The library services have been designed and organized to support the academic and research activities of faculty, staff, and students. The focus of the library policies is to cater services to students and teaching faculty of Yashfeen Education System.

Yashfeen Education System Library is being managed and organized by Competent and qualified Library staff.

  1. Monday to Friday 8:00am to 4:00 pm

  2. Saturday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm  (During Exam)

  3. Sunday Off

  • Students, faculty and staff members may become Library Members to utilize Library on making of authorized Library ID Cards. Upon the loss of Library ID Card from student/faculty should be reported to the Librarian/Library Staff in written immediately so that a duplicate ID Card can be issued on payment of Rs.100/-. You can get ‘Application Form’ for new Library ID Card from the Library Staff.
  • Enter your name and sign in the register kept at the entrance counter while using the Library.
  • Library user will present the Library Card at the time of books issuance/return.
  • Students, faculty or staff members are allowed to locate books from the shelves for reading inside the Library and must be placed back according to the books arranged; and if they need books/material for taken out then they have to make it issued by consulting the Library staff. Nobody is allowed to take the books or any Library material with them without proper issuance.
  • Maximum 2 books will be issued only for 2 weeks; if anyone needs for more days then he/she has to get the books re-issued by consulting the Library Staff.
  • Returns of books are mandatory before the due date mentioned in the Issuance Card/Register. A fine of Rs.100/- per day will be levied for overdue books.
  • The borrowers will be responsible for any damage of books/material. Books should be handled with care, marking on the books, tearing papers etc. are most objectionable and may lead to initiation of stringent disciplinary action. Loss of books/material should be reported in writing to the Librarian immediately. Library staff has the right to fine on the loss/damage of books or any Library material.
  • Reference books, journals and magazines are only for consultation within the Library and are not to be taken out of Library premises.
  • Librarian/Library Staff may recall any book from any member at any time and the member shall return the same immediately.
  • Only writing materials will be allowed inside the Library. Personal belongings such as school bags, hand bags, shawls, file covers, brief cases etc. are to be left behind at the appropriate place near the entrance of the Library.
  • Using mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the Library premises.
  • Strict silence to be maintained inside the Library.

Library Users must obey the Library rules and regulations. Violation of rules and any act of misbehavior to the Library Staff will lead to strict disciplinary action by the Management.

Sr. Description Capacity Facility
1 Library 80 study chairs for users •      Circulation of books (Check in & check out )
•      Reading the books
•      Reading the research journals
•      Scanner  Printer
2 Digital Library 20 Computer for users / researcher •      E- Journal
•      E- Books
•      Connectivity of  Internet
•      WiFi
•      OPAC
•      Access of Caliber
3 Computer Lab/ IT 40 Desktop Systems for users / students •      Online Classes
•      Connectivity of  Internet
•      WiFi Connectivity
•      Usage of Library Guides
•      OPAC accessibility
•      Access of Digital Library

Name of Category No. of Books Time Period
Principal As per demand 6 Months
Head of Departments

(On the behalf of departmental library.)

05 3 Months
Professor 05 15 Days
Associate Professor 04 15 Days
Assistant Professor 04 15 Days
Demonstrator/Lecturer 04 15 Days
Students 02 14 Days
Students 02 30 Days during Professional Exam
Non-Teaching Staff 02 15 Days

  • E-books, E-journals and Pharma Guide