We are offering admission in

Pharmacy Technician (Category-B)

(2 years Diploma program)

Pharmacy Technician is also known as Category-B which is a 2 years Diploma program.  This diploma is approved by the Pakistan Pharmacy Council. Students of the Pharmacy Technician programme will appear in Qualifying Exam conducted by Punjab Pharmacy Council and will meet the requirements to register themselves in Register-B. This diploma is all about dealing with medicines and patient safety. The students who have entered into this field are being trained and developed in such a manner that they even are capable to assist the Pharmacist in every Pharmacy domain. The diploma is one of the most desirable and even the need of the present age.

Pharmacy Technician(Category-B)

Diploma Details

Pharmacy Technician is a 2 years diploma program. The details of every year’s subjects, along with marks is given below.

1st Year

Each Theory Paper will be consisting of 50% Objective (MCQs) and 50% Subjective (Short Questions)

Sr. Subject Marks
1 Paper I Theory

i.   Anatomy

ii.  Physiology

iii.  Microbiology

iv.   Biochemistry

2 Paper II Theory

i.    Pharmaceutics-I (General, Physical and Dispensing)

ii.   Pharmacognosy

Subject Marks
3 Paper III

i.  Anatomy+Physiology

4 Paper IV

i.  Microbiology+Biochemistry

5 Paper V Theory

i.  Pharmacognosy

6 Paper VI Theory

iii. Pharmaceutics-I (General, Physical and Dispensing)



 2nd Year

Each Theory Paper will be consisting of 50% Objective (MCQs) and 50% Subjective (Short Questions)

Sr. Subject Marks
1 Paper I Theory

v.   Pharmaceutics-II (Industiral and Quality Control)

vi.  Pharmaceutics-III (Hospital Pharmacy)

2 Paper II Theory

iv.  Pharmacology

v.   Social Behavior, Law and Ethics

vi.  Computer

Subject Marks
3 Paper III

vii.  Pharmaceutics

4 Paper IV

ii.  Pharmacology

5 Paper V

ii.  Computer


Career Prospects

  • Medical store business
  • Veterinary store business
  • Government and private jobs to assist Pharmacist wherever pharmacist is working as health professional
  • Foreign job opportunities
  • Job opportunities in National or Internal Pharmaceutical Industries


Dr. Fahmeed Nasir
Dr. Fahmeed NasirPrincipal
Pharm D,
M.Phil (Pharmaceutics)
Dr. Rabia Saleem
Dr. Rabia SaleemLecturer

PhD Scholar

Dr. Mehak Idrees
Dr. Mehak IdreesLecturer

M.phil (Pharmacology),
PhD scholar(PU)

Dr.Mahreen Siddique
Dr.Mahreen SiddiqueAssistant Professor

Ph.D Scholar ,

M.Phil Pharmacology (LCWU)

Pharmacology (LCWU)

Asra Shanzeh Shabbir
Asra Shanzeh Shabbir

Pharm.D ,
MPhil (Pharm. Chem.) ,
PhD Scholar (GCUF)

Entry Requirements

  • Matric with science
  • Only Science group
  • Subjects include;
    1. Physics
    2. Chemistry
  • Biology/Computer science

Pharmacy Technician (Category-B) Fee Schedule

Sr. Description 1st Year 2nd Year
1 Prospectus Fee 1000 _
2 Application Submission Fee 1500 _
3 Admission Fee 23000
4 Matric Board Verification Fee (Depends upon individual Matric Board) 3,300 _
5 Punjab Pharmacy Council Registration Fees 4500 4500
6 Library Fees (Per Annum) 3,000 3,000
7 Laboratory Charges (Per Annum) 10,000 10,000
8 Tuition Fee (Per Annum) 59,500 70,000
9 Total Fee Per Annum 105,800 87,500



Merit Based Scholarship Criteria (Matric)

Marks Between 801 To 900 Rs.5,000
Marks Between 900 To 950 Rs.10,000
Marks Between 951 To 1000 Rs.15,000
Marks Between 1001 To 1050 Rs.20,000
Marks above 1051 Rs.25,000

Actual as per the regulatory authority

Other Scholarships

Orphan / Disabled Rs.30,000
Hafiz Quran Rs.10,000
Teacher’s Child Rs.10,000
Kinship Rs.10,000



  1. Refunds will be processed only on written applications and after the approval from the Principal
  2. All the Charges except admission fee are refundable before the commencement of classes.
  3. 50% of tuition fee will be deducted within the 15 days of the commencement of classes.
  4. No Refund after one month from the Commencement of classes.