The state of the art Microbiology laboratory provides the place where all microbiological tests and analysis occur, moreover, it is specifically designed lab that ensure floor, walls and benches doesn’t support or permit Microorganisms growth. The Pharmaceutical Microbiology lab impregnated with the high-tech Instruments that brings the science of microbiology in a pharmaceutical application to study, investigate and understand the reproduction, development, structure, and other characteristics of microscopic organisms like fungi, bacteria and algae. The High-Tech instruments include

  1. Laminar Flow Hood
  2. Dry Heat Oven
  3. Incubator
  4. Reciprocating Shaker
  5. Magnetic Stirrers
  6. Autoclave
  7. Refrigerators
  8. Microscopes
  9. Chemical and Decolorisation agents
  10. Colony counters

The Practical performed in Microbiology Lab equipped Pharmacy Aspirants to;

  • Conduct tests on new formulation to evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of antiseptic, disinfectant, deodorizing and other hygiene and personal care products for commercial product registration.
  • Supervise laboratory assistants to ensure that tests are conducted in compliance with approved practices and procedures.
  • Maintain laboratory procedures in accordance with Good Laboratory Practice standards of the US FDA.
  • Maintain and update laboratory databases
  • Propagate and maintain microbial stocks for testing purposes.